Investment Diamonds & GoldDiversify your portfolio while protecting your assets.

Our mission

DIAGO's mission is to offer our clients high quality investment diamonds and gold products at the best possible price guaranteeing the utmost levels of transparency and expertise.

Smart investments

Diamonds and gold are smart investments for several reasons.

They are tangible assets and physical commodities that help diversify an investment portfolio and offer protection against currency fluctuations and inflation. Investments in these products come with a steady growth potential, balancing against short-term investments in more volatile products.


At DIAGO, we have managed to cut the supply chain intermediaries by internalizing all the processes, from the purchase of rough gold and diamonds and diamond grinding, gold melting, right to the delivery of the final product.

By cancelling those intermediaries, we are able to offer our clients one of the best price-quality ratios in the market.

Reliable sources

Having control over the entire supply chain allows us to guarantee full transparency and traceability of the products.

As a direct importer, we are very close to the mines and select them carefully. We pay great attention to fair and safe working conditions and ensure compliance to all the applicable legal regulations and environmental protection requirements.

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Facts & Figures

The history of gold

Gold is an important part of a diversified portfolio. In order to fully understand its value, one must look back to the start of the gold market.

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The 4Cs of diamonds

Two diamonds of the same size may appear identical to the naked eye. However, they each could have a very different value upon closer examination.

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Gold's value over time

View the historical gold prices via our price history chart and stay informed with the current gold spot prices.

Gold that you can rely on